It’s not easy to always keep your home spotless throughout the year. Dirt and clutter can be ongoing problems needing a regular schedule of chores. If you’re sick of falling behind on your cleaning, maybe it’s time you place a call and let your scheduled cleaning be taken care of while you live happily ever after.

Maids made available for your comfort will take the cleaning chores off your hands, allowing you to take care of more important activities, all while enjoying a clean home!

Recurring Cleaning

Professional, reliable, and flexible with scheduling

Clients appreciate reliability and consistency where scheduling cleaning times are concerned. Cleaners pride themselves on excelling at both. Maids are ever-willing to work with you so they stop by at your convenience.

To make it easier on you, we’ll schedule our future visits ahead of time as well. This way, you can stick to your schedule, knowing we’ll show up right on cue to clean your home. If anything should come up, we’ll always keep you informed of any scheduling changes or conflicts.

Are the maids reliable, secure, and trustworthy?

It’s just as important to be able to trust the people working inside your home. These cleaners we connect you with are thoroughly screened ahead of time and must pass strenuous background checks before their services are engaged.

Additionally, they’re also selected to provide the best possible customer service. If you’re home during a cleaning, the maids will minimize their interference with your routine.

If desired, you can schedule a maintenance cleaning while you’re not home, allowing you to return home to a spotless house. This arrangement is one of the most popular with most recurring clients. Simply leave an unlocked door or a spare key and the care of the cleaning will be taken care of, while you’re out. When the cleaning is done, the maids will securely lock up.

Who is this service aimed towards?

All sorts of people, families and households that rely on a predictable and consistent schedule for maintenance cleaning to keep their homes in good shape. Everyone from busy stay-at-home parents to frequently traveling businessmen rely on the ease and convenience of recurring cleaning service.

It takes 3 minutes to Get Quote or feel free to give us a call at 425-242-5050 for any questions or to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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