Commercial Cleaning Prices in Seattle

Janitorial Cleaning Cost Overview

Similar to the rest of the nation, Seattle's area labor market is in despair. Janitorial work is labor-intensive and demanding. Closed borders due to COVID-19 caused lower migration and dried up the influx of new workers. Existing workers are quitting and seeking other opportunities and better-paying and less physically demanding jobs in the construction or healthcare industry. It is a high turnover industry averaging 25-50% FTE turnover per year.

Commercial Cleaning

Understanding Seattle Area Janitorial Market

Due to lack of qualified labor and surge in demand for services, small and midsize businesses can fulfill only 45% of new service requests.

Current professional and commercial cleaning services hourly rate ranges from $65 per hour for basic janitorial service to $80 per hour for high-quality professional service with a reputable company.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Every professional office and workspace is unique. The pricing table provides you some examples of regular cleaning service costs. The estimate costs below include parking, supplies, travel time, setup, and prep time.

Time Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
1 Hour $90 $120
2 Hours $130 $150
3 Hours $160 $190
4 Hours $220 $260

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