Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the latest House Cleaning tipping trends in the Seattle area. Tips for regularly scheduled cleaning services like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly range from $10 to $20 per Cleaning. Cleaning projects that are more effort and time-intensive, like deep or Spring Cleaning, are tipping about 20 percent of the total cleaning project cost ($40 to $200).

We observed that tipping or small gifts to your Cleaner goes a long way in job satisfaction, dedication, and simply being noticed and appreciated.

To find out much more about tipping your house cleaner visit this article.

Deep Cleaning is very detailed and covers a wide range of areas in your home. Every room and areas of your home (excluding garages) gets extra scrub. To view a sample of the Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning checklist, click here.

Cleaning technicians truly appreciate your efforts to make yourself available by showing around your home and answering any home-related questions.

Most homeowners who work from home leave to run errands or simply walk in the park to avoid the vacuum noise or be out of the way to give the space to the Cleaner.

After your project is accepted, we finalize the logistics; you will receive a personalized email with your specific project's hourly estimate. Every cleaning technician works at different speeds.

Morning cleaning sessions usually start from 7 am to 9 am.

The afternoon cleaning session begins from 12 pm to 1 pm.

Usually, Cleaning technicians do not accept projects beyond 6 pm.

Suppose we can cluster multiple service appointments in the same neighborhood, yes! Managing transportation and setup time reduces the cost significantly. Please let us know if you have a neighbor interested in the service.

Your Cleaning technician takes unprecedented, over-and-above efforts to ensure safety for you and your belongings and protect your privacy during and after our relationship.

You can skip your regularly scheduled cleaning by informing 48 hours before the agreed schedule.

Yes. Cleaning professionals seek and find many long lasting working relationships via our platform.

Albeit, sometimes life can get in the way. No worries, we will introduce you to a fantastic few substitute Cleaning technicians!

Some of the Cleaning technicians accept weekend projects scheduled far in advance for an additional cost.

Ideally, pets should be crated during the cleaning project. But, if your pet is "roaming free" during the cleaning, please let your cleaner know about specific instructions. Cleaning technicians can not be held responsible for pets escaping from home.

Absolutely! If you're not happy with any areas we have cleaned, call the office within 24 hours, and we will help your Cleaner arrange to come back and complete the work free of charge.

The cleaning technicians must be allowed to come back into the home within one business day. Please note that our arrangement does not offer cash refunds or money off the Cleaning project.

Showers and tubs can accumulate lime, calcium, and soap scum. It will be cleaned as much as a non-toxic cleaning solution, and reasonable scrubbing efforts allow it.

Mold and mildew are organic and will grow deep into and behind grout or caulk. To prevent costly repairs of regrouting and re-caulking builders recommend that tile grout and caulking be resealed at least once per year. Green or conventional cleaning products will minimize surface stains but will not eliminate them. Tile installers recommend maintaining your mineral and lime with acid removers twice yearly.

Scrubbing with a grout brush around each tile is time-consuming. For homes with extensive tile work in showers and bathrooms, more frequent "deep cleanings" of these areas may be recommended.

Contact us for a list of trusted companies specializing in grout resealing, caulking replacement, shower glass mineral build-up, and calcium removal services.

Most commonly, the technician can't access your home. You are responsible for providing cleaning technicians access/entry to your home.

Your project presents unsafe and uncomfortable conditions, such as; pests (roaches, fleas, rats, mice, bed bugs, etc.), needles, illegal drugs or items, or easily accessible firearms.

Yes, only when you provide them to the Cleaning technicians accompanied by clear usage instructions.

Having a copy of the keys is preferred. It allows Cleaning tech for more start time flexibility to access your home, especially when traveling during peak hours or unforeseen road closures or detours.

  • Deep Cleaning is required every once a year, usually performed in Spring (hence the name "Spring Cleaning"). Before starting the regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning service, it allows your cleaning technician to set the cleanliness benchmark to maintain the home regularly. It enhances quality consistency and saves money in the long run.
  • Deep Cleaning is also used as a complimentary cleaning popular with families that have time to clean their homes by themselves.

For best efficiency and value, residential homes should be unfurnished without personal belongings. This clean is intended to turn the home someone once lived in into its original state and ready for new homeowners.

In essence, Move Out or Move In Cleaning is as extensive as Deep Cleaning with a few additional extras. Move-In Move Out extras include: inside the oven, inside the fridge, inside cabinets, inside windows.

Initial Deep Cleaning allows your Cleaning professional to clean every nook and cranny or take care of those long-neglected corners using our cleanliness standards and sets a benchmark for the look and feel of a clean home. This comes in handy for ongoing regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance cleanings.

On rare occasions, it does happen. Please don't stay silent. We want to hear every detail about what went wrong. We will go above and beyond to remedy the situation to your satisfaction at no additional cost. Please let us know here, call or email us.

A complex calculation is involved in estimating costs and time when getting a quote online. Make sure you provide accurate information about the size of your home, including bathroom and bedroom count, number of residents, and pets.

We understand that mostly, people often tend to underestimate the cleanliness rating. Just be honest, don't cut corners, and we will serve you well.

Every project and home is unique. To provide the most accurate cleaning quote, the program uses multitudes of data points in calculations.

The "Self Cleaning Rating," allows to estimate better Cleaner qualification and experience needed for the cleaning project and the time it may take to clean. Not to mention a few other calculations that influence the time and costs, such as the house's age, surfaces, etc.

Hey, accidental damage or breakage does happen. The cleaning technician will try to be the first one to inform you about it. Just know all technicians are insured and go above and beyond to repair, replace or reimburse for the damage.

Service time and availability are any Professional Cleaning commodities. It is rarely possible to manage to fill in or replace last-minute cancellations.

Cancellations within 72 hours of your booking will be charged a full-service fee. So, if you cancel 72 hours before your scheduled time, you will receive a full refund.

Only the main entrance and patio glass doors are cleaned from the exterior side.

There is no charge for rescheduling as long as it is done before 72 hours of your original booking.

To ensure we have availability for your new desired date, immediately let us know once there is a change of plans from your end. See our Policies & Guarantees page for more information on this.

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