One-Time Cleaning

One-Time Cleanings are best know by other names that you probably are familiar with: Move In and Move Out Cleanings, Deep Cleanings, Spring Cleanings, Initial Cleanings, Post or Pre Party Cleaning or Open House cleanings.

Home cleaning is a daunting task and you deserve all the help you can get. Let’s face it: most of us could use extra help.

Get access to a vast pool of professional, reliable, and quality cleaners, excellent performance and unparalleled customer service. Give yourself a well-deserved break while cleaning experts do the heavy lifting.

One-Time Cleaning

One-time cleaning service packs the ‘wow’ effect, perfect for many special occasions beyond simply ‘wanting your house cleaned up’. It’s that inside-out, bottom-up cleaning that breaks through the ‘routine cleaning’ and the ‘superficial stuff’ to iron out the real, consequential details that adds up to your entire living experience.

Check out current Seattle area average cleaning costs for Deep or Spring Cleanings.

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Are you planning a party?

Do you have a special occasion planned at your house? Do you want your home looking its absolute best polished to perfection for the admiration of your guests? That’s why Seattle and Bellevue residents use house cleaning services.

If you reside in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties and need house cleaning for a before party or after party, place a call and the care of the cleaning is sorted out for you. Your house receives an immaculate polish in preparation for the party while you focus on your duties as a host.

Do you have a special company coming over?

Are you going to be paid a visit by the in-laws? Or perhaps you have friends coming over to socialize? Are you hosting Co-workers? A home-cooked dinner with a potential client? You have to impress them with the spotlessness of your home and the radiance of your personality. So why not hire a professional cleaning company to tend to your home while you get to be your very radiant self.

You got the “oh my” moment and you realize that the cleaning is simply overdue?

It might not be that you’re not expecting guests. Maybe home is just due for a good scrub down. Then it’s time to hire professional cleaners to carry out a comprehensive cleaning. We’ve all been there! If you’ve been busy with work or the kids and just want a helping hand, by all means, place a call through.

Take the burden off yourself. Sit back, relax and watch as the cleaning professionals handle it for you the only way they know how — surpassing your expectations.

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