Before & After Party Cleaning

Are you planning on throwing a party in the near future? Or perhaps you’ve already thrown a party and are looking for additional help cleaning up? Whichever the case, Simply Clean excels in pre and post-party cleaning services, so give us a call and let us do the cleaning for you.

We pride ourselves on our excellent performance and strong customer service. Give yourself a break with the house cleaning chores and let us take over for you.

Before & After Party Cleaning

Before Party Cleaning

If you’re planning to throw a party in your home, you just might want it to look perfect for your company. Afterall, a party or get-together with close friends is always a better time when you’re in a clean environment.

This is especially true if you’re hosting people who you’d like to make a great impression on, such as coworkers or perhaps the in-laws. In that case, Simply Clean’s Seattle pre-party cleaning crew can help you out.

Seattle, WA After Party Cleaning

Have you already thrown a party? If so, you’re probably dreading the cleanup part of it, and we can’t blame you. While having a great and much needed night of partying can be relaxing and fun for you, the morning after cleanup session usually has the opposite effect. So why struggle with it when you can hire our Seattle after party cleaning experts to deal with it for you?

We specialize in many cleaning strategies that can transform your party mess into the beautiful residence it was before the party started.

Bottle, Can, & Cup Cleanup: We’ll gladly make the rounds throughout your home to throw away leftover bottles, cans, and cups that your party guests have left behind.

Dispose of Leftover Food: It’s not uncommon to find plates with uneaten snacks and such throughout the home. We’ll properly dispose of these leftovers for you.

Vacuum Carpet & Mop Floors: One of the most frustrating after-effects to a successful party are sticky floors and damaged carpet. If your floors are sticky from spilled liquid, we’ll gladly mop up the mess and return them to their previous sparkling condition.

Return Dishes & Glasses to Kitchen: Similar to leftover food, it’s common to find dishes, glasses, and silverware spread throughout the home. We can gather all dishes and return them safely to the kitchen for you, saving you tons of time.

Clean Dirty Surfaces: From your kitchen counter and island to coffee tables and chairs, we’ll go over each surface with disinfectants and cleaning agents until they’re clean again.

With our expert post-party cleaning services, your home will be transformed from a party mess to its original, beautiful look. In fact, if you haven’t cleaned in a while, it’ll look better than before.

To schedule an appointment with our Seattle party cleaning experts, either give us a call at 206-973-2515 or fill out our online quote form to receive a party cleaning price estimate.

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