Do you need your Seattle area home cleaned? Are you looking for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly professional Seattle cleaning service to keep your home as tidy as possible? You can get access to routinely scheduled house cleaning that performs all necessary cleaning duties for your home.

Excellent performance and strong customer service are at the heart of what professionals on our platform are about. If you’re interested in getting this level of dedication to your cleaning needs, kindly book your regularly scheduled professional cleaning below.

Recurring Cleaning

Home owners that have regularly scheduled cleaning benefit by saving time, enjoy predictable and consistent schedule, consistently clean homes, same and familiar cleaning technicians.

In today’s busy world, your time has never been more valuable. So much to do, so little time. Choose to spend all your free time with your kids, catching up with friends, join many of your neighbors in the Seattle area by booking regularly-scheduled cleaning services with expert house cleaners.

Why not schedule your regular and predictable visits weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services on days and at times that are convenient for you? We’re happy to have a chat about your needs beforehand. You’ll surely be matched with an experienced cleaner that will suit your needs — and schedule!

How often should I schedule cleaning for my home?

  • Weekly House Cleaning is a popular choice for large homes, 3000 square feet plus, and a busy family. A professional cleaning touch each week allows you more free time to enjoy your favorite activities.
  • Bi-weekly House Cleaning. It is the most popular choice for midsize homes and small or large families with pets. It helps to keep your home clean and tidy year-round.
  • Monthly House Cleaning is sought after by those who have time to do the basic cleaning. A once-per-month option is excellent for homes 1500 to 2500 square feet and is popular with singles residents and couples with no pets. Monthly cleaning is a thorough cleaning process carried out to maintain the overall cleanliness of the house.

Who uses weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service?

A good number of people prefer scheduled maintenance cleaning, including (but not limited to) busy professionals, families, families that cook and prep food at home and even bachelors who prefer a professional touch every now and then.

Whether you’re a busy homemaker who doesn’t have the spare time to clean, a business person who travels regularly and can't keep up with housekeeping, or a career-oriented professional with no time for cleaning. Simply Clean can provide you with professional concierge-like assistance.

Feel free to call the house cleaning company in Seattle at 206-973-2515 to schedule a cleaning. If you’d like to receive a free cleaning quote, click here.

How much does an average house cleaning service cost in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland or the surrounding area?

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