Issaquah Home Cleaning

From a small studio apartment to a large family house, Simply Clean has dedicated and trusted cleaners to deep clean your home. Yes, we make magic happen, and you will fall in love with your home again.


We clean houses in these Issaquah neighborhoods: Central Issaquah, Issaquah Highlands, Issaquah Valley, Montreux, Newport, North, Issaquah, Olde Town, Providence Point, South Lake Sammamish, Squak Mountain, Sycamore and Talus.

Quality Green Cleaning

Daily, we are exposed to over ten thousand chemicals. You and us don't need more exposure to the toxic chemicals. Instead of using potentially toxic cleaners that can cause harm to your health, we favor green cleaning products that are biodegradable, all-natural, and guaranteed to be safe for you, your pets, and the planet.

We Got You Covered

Home cleaning shouldn't be a burden. But when things don't work out, we go above and beyond to mitigate the situation. At Simply Clean in Issaquah, we are committed to providing fantastic customer service and dependable, trustworthy, and experienced cleaners. We made it easy to set up the first appointment. You can get a online quote or over the phone. It usually takes 10 - 20 minutes to set up an account and schedule your first cleaning.

What are House Cleaning Prices in Issaquah?

You may wonder how much house cleaning cost in Issaquah? Can I afford a house cleaning? We know, budget matters. Wise customers also know that you get what you pay for, especially in the home service industry. We created a comprehensive Issaquah and Seattle Area House Cleaning Pricing sheet using real and up to date numbers. Good house cleaners are hard to find and even harder to keep. Please use it as guidance when getting new or compare to an existing cleaning service cost that you might be paying now.

Our Range of Issaquah Home Cleaning Services

One-Time Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of one-time cleaning services. From post-construction cleaning, move-in cleaning, and move-out cleaning in Issaquah, we will tailor our services to suit your exact requirements.
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Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly House Cleaning

When you are working long hours and running errands, it leaves little time for cleaning. We offer regular house cleaning in Issaquah that will ensure your home is always clean and sparkling.
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Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning?

Puzzled? Yes, there is a difference. Ask us to explain when you call. We know that cleaning needs come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why we offer a wide range of services.

Most cleanings can be broken down into these types; move-in or move-out, deep cleaning, post-construction or post remodel cleaning, regularly scheduled (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly) cleaning. But there are always other particular areas, nooks, and crannies that need more attention, and this is where we stand out.

Home owners about cleaning pros

We'll Match

The universal truth is that we all have strengths and weaknesses. Cleaning projects are no different. When you contact us for cleaning services, it will take 10-20 minutes of conversation to identify your priorities and help you find a cleaner who can accommodate your special and unique cleaning requests. You may have pets and want a cleaner, comfortable with animals. You may wish to converse in English vs. using hand signs to communicate. You may want someone who does not rush and takes extra time to take care of your home. Not every cleaner will be right for every client, which is why we work with many different cleaning professionals to make sure the right match.

Tipping your house cleaner

It is not a novice idea that tipping goes a long way to boost cleaners' or anyone's enthusiasm and engagement. Most of our residential clients hold on to the standard rule of 10% - 25% of the service's pretax bill. Tipping is not a law but an option. Before tipping, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions: "Have I receive a quality service?", "Am I satisfied with the work and details?". If the answer falls into 4 to 5 stars range, consider an opportunity to tip. If the answer is in three stars and bellow, you should think twice before tipping and call us right away to share your experience. We will make sure to remedy the situation and experience up to your satisfaction.

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