Kirkland Home Cleaning

We offer local cleaning service in the Kirkland and its neighborhoods, such as Central Houghton, Everest, Evergreen Hill, Finn Hill, Highlands, Juanita Neighborhood, Lakeview Neighborhood, Market, Moss Bay, Norkirk, North Rose Hill, South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails, Totem Lake.


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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning means a better environment - for you, your family. Our cleaners use biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning products for thorough cleaning. Green Cleaning Products industry made significant strides to improve their products, but they are still not as effective as conventional cleaning chemicals. Our house cleaners are knowledgeable about the usage and effectiveness of green products. Never the less, green products require more physical effort to clean one's home.

Availability and Scheduling

Flexible morning or afternoon cleaning appointments available for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service. Please plan at least one week in advance for one-time deep or Spring cleanings, post remodels, or move-in or move-out cleaning appointments. Give us a call or book online, and we will try to find the most suitable cleaning day for you.

What are House Cleaning Prices in Kirkland Area?

As the good all saying goes, "you get what you pay for." So that you don't have to guess and to keep you informed, we created a comprehensive Kirkland Area House Cleaning Pricing sheet using real and up to date numbers. Good house cleaners are hard to find and even harder to keep. Please use it as guidance when getting new or compare to an existing cleaning service cost. To get an accurate quote for you home, please get a quote here.

What type of Cleaning Do I Need?

Most cleanings can be broken down into these types: move-in or move-out, deep cleaning, post-construction or post remodel cleaning and regularly scheduled cleaning.

One-Time Cleaning

Also known as deep or spring cleaning is used for Post-construction and post-remodel cleanings, Move in and move out cleanings, and once per year Deep (top to bottom) cleanings that are usually scheduled in Spring. Hence the catchy name "Spring Cleaning".
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Regularly Scheduled Home Cleaning

Maintaining home cleanliness is best with a reoccurring cleaning service. The most popular frequency for home cleaning is bi-weekly cleaning, followed by weekly cleanings, and the third place goes to monthly (every four weeks) cleaning. We will be happy to recommend the cleaning frequency for your home.
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Home owners about cleaning pros

Customized Cleaning Services

When you book a cleaning session or sign up for recurring cleanings, you get personalized service designed to fit your needs. We match you up with a fully-insured, professional green cleaner based on your specific lifestyle and cleaning requirements. Our new client questionnaire lets us know if you need a cleaner experienced with pets or one who will work around your allergies. Before your first cleaning appointment, we will send you a short bio about the cleaner's professional background experience and communication level.

On the day of the cleaning

On a scheduled cleaning day we kindly ask you to allow a +/- 60-minute window for unexpected traffic delays. You don't have to be home during the cleaning. Please leave the cleaner in, show around to familiarize the cleaner with your house. We can call or text you after the cleaning was done. If you are not planning to be home, let us know where we can find the keys, and we will let ourselves in and start working. Most of our clients have a contractor's lockbox to conveniently and securely access the keys for contractors or family members. Recommended list of lockbox can be found here:

Seventy percent of our clients are pet owners

We love pets. If you have cats or dogs, birds, or reptiles, we can match you with a cleaner who will be familiar and comfortable with your pet. Keep in mind that hygiene laws prevent our cleaners from handling pet waste. Most dogs or cats are not looking toward sounds of vacuuming. We highly recommend boarding your sensitive cat or dog on a cleaning day.

Are you allergic to cleaning products or scents?

Please let us know if you experience allergies while using green products or are sensitive to specific fragrances. We will minimize your exposure to these products and perfumes to reduce allergic reactions. We use HEPA filtration vacuum systems, microfiber cleaning cloths.

Tipping your house cleaner in Kirkland

It is not a novice idea that tipping goes a long way to boost cleaners' or anyone's enthusiasm and engagement. Most of our residential clients hold on to the standard rule of 10% - 25% of the service's pretax bill. Tipping is not a law but an option. Before tipping, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions: "Have I receive a quality service?", "Am I satisfied with the work and details?". If the answer falls into 4 to 5 stars range, consider an opportunity to tip. If the answer is in three stars and bellow, you should think twice before tipping and call us right away to share your experience. We will make sure to remedy the situation and experience up to your satisfaction.

Cancel or reschedule the cleaning service

Cancellations within 72 hours of your booking will be charged a full-service fee. So, if you cancel 72 hours before your scheduled time, you will receive a full refund. You have the option to reschedule this cancellation within two weeks from the initially scheduled time at no additional costs.

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